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We’re passionate about connecting with consumers and making an impact. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest brands and brands that went from zero to hero. We’ll be your partner to nurture your brainchild and rocket it in to a household name.

As the strategy and design lead, we partner with other industry leaders like Quotient, Google, NewsAmerica and local expert vendors like Sunant Interactive and Midland Video to bring complete solutions to our partners.

Todd Thornberry
Todd ThornberryCreative & Design Guru
Todd is a seasoned designer with over 20-year’s experience.

Even when creative director of a team, he remains very hands on with all his projects. He believes in creating ads that jump off the page, digital and social that pulls you in, and packaging that jumps off the shelf. A well-rounded designer in all mediums (print, packaging, digital, photography), Todd knows how to design for each.

Todd is very practical in his approach, knowing that the ultimate goal is to drive sales…and not just win awards. Supporting beauty, CPG and food brands in recent years and hobby toys and healthcare. Skilled in photography and marrying brands in to social media to create visual images and video that create engagement.

Both Todd and Leigh specialize in marketing to women.

Todd is also owner of T2Decals creating a product and custom assortment for the hobby industry. He’s also created Moon Sugar Decals nail art, managing ecommerce and media, targeting the beauty industry.

Leigh Thornberry
Leigh ThornberryStrategy & Marketing Lead
Most recently, Leigh lead the Marketing team for the award-winning Kangaroo Brands and Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin (fastest-growing sandwich brand). In just 2 years, Sandwich Bros. grew from 5,000 to 22,000 retailers and is the 2018 Product of the Year. With its recent acquisition from Conagra Brands, Leigh decided it was time to launch Thornberry Marketing, so she can help other new brands make an impact with consumers.

Prior to working in the food industry, Leigh spent much of her career helping big brands market to Moms. Leigh started her career as a writer for Golden Books, moving on to the new product development team, producing and marketing interactive preschool toys. Then as Executive Producer, Leigh managed development of Parenting and Kids’ community web sites.

On the agency side, Leigh led the digital marketing team to develop digital programs, retail, loyalty and eCommerce platforms, and promotional marketing with the special focus of reaching moms, supporting brands like Huggies, White Wave Foods, and Del Monte.

What Our Clients Say


“Leigh’s impact on the Sandwich Bros. brand is incalculable and culminated with a National product of the year award. Leigh never backs down from a challenge and always delivers beyond expectation….”

Salem Kashou, President, Kangaroo Brands

Leigh’s enthusiasm and passion are a great compliment to her marketing savvy. Not just a driver of ideas, but also a great networker to create lasting partnerships. I highly recommend Leigh for her strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and ability to lead a team to drive big ideas and deliver results.

Todd Meerdink, Global Digital Mgr, Kimberly-Clark

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